Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The lottery

Kiosk started selling Orublu tights recently and to celebrate we had a Orublu and Maybelline lottery. Everybody who came and bought Orublu tights that day got a lottery ticket.

Hlín tossed all the lottery tickets into a bag.

Ási made sure to shake it well.

Then Hlín pulled out one lucky ticket. (with her eyes closed of course)

Eygló jumped in for a picture as Hlín pulled out the first lottery ticket.

That's the first lottery winner.

Ási licked it.

Ási felt he should be allowed to pull out the next lottery ticket.

Hlín allowed him.

These lovely ladies made sure the lottery was fair and just.

Hlín rang the winners who were very happy.

as were we all so we hade some (more) bubbly!

... The lottery is finished, but we are still selling Orublu tights for 2500 ikr a pop. They come in a variety of different colors...

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